Contact Details
Name: Vassiliki Georgiadou
Home Address: 47 Ypsilantou street, Neo Psychiko, 15451 Greece
Work Address: Department of Political Science and History
Panteios University of Social and Political Sciences
136 Syngrou Avenue, Athens, 17651 Greece (tel. +210 9201764, 9201044)

Academic Degrees
1982: Degree in Politics (BA equivalent) in the Panteios Graduate School of Political Science, Athens, Greece (Grade: 8/10).
1984: MΑ (Magister) in Politics in the Department of Politology of the University of Münster (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität), Germany (Grade: 2,1).
1989: PhD in Politics in the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Münster (Grade: Summa cum laude).

Academic Positions
1989-1993: Visiting Lecturer in Sociology, Aegean University, Chios.
1991-1994: Visiting Lecturer in Political Sociology, Department of Sociology, Panteios University, Athens.
1994: Visiting Research Fellow in Berlin Institute for Comparative Social Research.
1998-2008: Αssistant Professor in Political Science, Department of Political Science and History, Panteios University, Athens.
2008-: Αssociate Professor of Political Science, Department of Political Science and History, Panteios University, Athens.

Current Research Interests
•Political Behaviour and Social Cleavages.
•Right-Wing Parties and Political Extremism in Western and Southern Eupore.
•Νegotiational Model of Democracy with special emphasis on Central and North Europe.

1986-1988: DAAD, University of Münster (research grand).
1994: DAAD, Free University of Berlin (two months research scholarship).

Other Knowledge
Languages: Greek (mοther tongue), German (fluent), English (fluent).
Computer Skills: MS Office, SPSS.

Main University Services
1999-2010: Supervision of four doctoral theses (one completed) and Co-Supervision of five doctoral theses (two completed).
2001-2002: Deputy Member of the Senate, Panteios University, Athens.
2010-: Deputy Director of the section “Political Sociology and Comparative Political Analysis”, Department of Political Science and History, Panteios University, Athens.

Professional Services
2006-: Member of the Editorial Board “Science and Society”, Journal of Political and Moral Theory (
2009-: Secretary General of the Hellenic Political Science Association (
2010-: Deputy Member of the Board of the State Scholarships Foundation (IKY) ( 

List of Primary Publications

1991: Griechenlands nicht-kapitalistische Entwicklungsaspekte im 19. Jahrhundert (Frankfurt/Μ).
1992: New Poverty and Subsidiarity (Athens).
1999: Nature, Society, and Science in the Era of “mad cow disease”. Risk and Uncertainty (with L. Louloudis & Y. Stavrakakis) (Athens).
2002 ed.: Religions and Politics in the Modernity (ed. with Th. Lipowatz & N. Demertzis) (Athens).
2004 ed.: The Extreme Right. Ideology - Politics - Parties (Athens), (eng. P. Hainsworth, ed., The Politics of the Extreme Right, Pinter 2000).
2008: The Far Right and the Consequences of Consensus. Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Germany (Athens).

1995: “Religion and Nationalism”, in: Festschrift in Honour of Georgios Vlachos (Athens).
1995: “Economic Conditions and Electoral Behaviour. The Party Preferences of the Unemployed under Unemployment Crisis”,Greek Political Science Review (Nr. 6)
1995: “Greek Orthodoxy and the Politics of Nationalism”, International Journal of Politics, Culture and Society (vol. 9, no. 2).
1996: “Secular State and Orthodox Church: Relationship between Religion, Society, and Politics in Greece after the Regime Change”, in: Society and Politics. Facets of the 3rd Greek Republic (Athens).
2000: “The People of the Church. Aspects of Religiosity in Greece” (with El. Nikolakopoulos), in: Public Opinion in Greece 2001 (Αthens).
2002: “Labour Party, SPD, and PASOK. Organizational Modernization of Political Parties in the Late Modernity”, in: The New Social Democracy. Contents of Politics, Institutions, Οrganizational Structures (Athens).
2002: “Party Reform in Greece. The Case of PASOK”, Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft (vol. 12, nr 2).
2004: “The electoral Sociology of the Radical Right-Wing Vote”, Science and Society (nr 12).
2005: “The German Party System after the Elections of the 18th September 2005”, Greek Political Science Review (nr 26).
2006: “The Berlin Republic in a Phase of Normalization”, in: Of Thinkers and Early Risers. Views of the DAAD Elecroral Observers in September 2005 (Cologne).
2007: “Ideological Transformation of Antisemitism in
the Post-War Europe”, in: Auschwitz. The Fact and its Memory (Athens).
2007: “Greece’s Transition from Dictatorship tο Democracy: Superficial Reconciliation with the Past and Resistance to Modernity”, in: Political Devepolment after Democratisation. A Comparison of Portugal, Spain, Greece, and South Korea (Seoul).
2009: “Expanding the Visibility of the Church in Public Sphere: the Relationship between the Orthodox Church and Greek Society during the Era of the Archbishop Christodoulos”, Science and Society (nr 21).
2010: "How does the reservoir of the far right fill? Political strategies and protest vote", in: Parties and Politics in Greece. Current developments, ed. by Y. Konstantinidis, N. Maratzidis & T. S. Pappas, Athens.
2011: "Partis sages – scène de violence ? Présence et action de l’extrême droite en Grèce de la décennie de 1990 à aujourd’hui", Revue des Sciences Sociales, nr. 46/June (Extrémism et violence).